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Halong Full Day Standard Trip (1 Day)

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Halong Bay is an attractive destination for most Vietnam Tours. A day cruise is a good choice for you to experience the magnificent Halong Bay with our ‘all-in-one’ itinerary for those with a limited time schedule. You will not only explore one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay but will also have the chance to go kayaking or bamboo boat rowing, as well as visiting and interacting with people at a local fishing village.

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Halong Bay - Luon Cave Full Day Deluxe Trip (1 Day)

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Ha Long 1 day tour with 6 hour cruise is one kind of popular 1 day from Hanoi to make you can discover Ha long 2days 1 night within 1 day. Beside  saving time , it makes you save money.

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Bai Tu Long Bay Full Day Luxury Trip (1 Day)

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Do you have only 1 day in Hanoi in this trip 2019 ? Don’t worry, you’ll get a lots of things to do with BAI TU LONG BAY 1 DAY tour , it is designed to become an unique experience which no doubt serves you one of the best discoveries of the bay. It was the bay that there are majestic sceneries appearing beautifully in front of your eyes without “hustle and bustle” senses.

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Lan Ha Bay Full Day Luxury Trip (1 Day)

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Situated to the south and east of Cat Ba Town, Lan Ha Bay features hundreds of karst and limestone formations that are just as gorgeous as those of its more famous bigger brother; Ha Long Bay. While in terms of geology and conservation, Lan Ha is considered part of the wider Ha Long Bay area, it distinguishes itself from Ha Long proper by being far more off the beaten track, with smaller tourist crowds and fewer boats ploughing the waters here.

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Lan Ha Full Day Luxury Trip ( 5 star Cruise ) (1 Day)

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Lan Ha Bay has been steadily growing in popularity since its introduction as an alternative route to the usual one taken through Halong Bay, but its peacefulness remains fully intact. The gently shimmering sea that carpets the bay is hugely inviting; so the Escape Sails ensures that your experience is not just limited to our luxury Halong Bay day cruise, but also spent in kayaks, on sampan boats and directly in the water. There is a strong essence of serenity that runs throughout the whole of Lan Ha Bay – let us share it with you.

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